Q. Is it really free?
A. Yes - our Banner Exchange is 100% free for all members.

Q. Who pays for it then?
A. To keep it free, we incorporate some of our own, and some paid advertisements into the rotation.

Q. Are my details private?
A. Absolutely. We take your privacy very seriously, and will never give your email addresses or contact info away.

Q. What banner sizes do you support?
A. We support 468x60, 120x60, and 160x600 sized banners. If you wish to see another size implemented into the system, contact us .

Q. Is there any particular spot where my banners have to be placed?
A. All banners you show on your site from our exchange must be displayed within the first two screens of any given page. We have a rule like this in place to keep the quality of the exchange high.

Q. How quickly can my account be setup?
A. Account activation is immediate. We do however manually validate all sites which join our exchange to make sure there are no sites with inappropriate content.

Q. I changed some of my details and now my account is on hold - what does this mean?
A. If you make any changes to your account, we have to approve your changes first. This is in case somebody were to sign up as a legitimate site, only to change the URL to an inappropriate site after joining. Reactivication is very fast.

Q. I have a question. Who do I ask?
A. Contact questions@amazingbanners.com

Q. How quickly do you respond to technical support?
A. We will always answer your emails within 24 hours, often alot sooner.

If you still have any questions, please contact us.


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